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This resource gives your players vehicle as a reward (can be changed very easily) for playing for X hours (can be set uped in shared/config.lua)

Every 60 minutes, the hour counter is moved by +1, making players being close to the prize, and every 60 seconds, 1 minute on the minute counter is reduced (when the minute counter is on 0, a hour will be added and a minute counter will be restarted).

It is fully responsive, like any of our other resources that contain NUI.

Reward, money amount, item, item count, plates (letters, numbers and spaces) and vehicle name that will be given as a reward can be configured in the config.lua file.

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broooo its what i was searching for thank you very much bro. its like grand rp


You are welcome, I like Grand RP’s resources (especially ones with UI’s) and there will be more in the future.

As a reward, yes, you just have to do little edit in the server side:


From 38 to 55 with:

xPlayer.addInventoryItem('item_name', count)

can this be converted to qbcore plz

Yes. I will convert it ro QBCore tonight.

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Thank you, you are welcome.

what happens when the timer is up and the player got the reward? will the timer start again from 0 or will there be no timer anymore for the player who already received the reward?

The timer will start again from 0, but can be disabled with one if function, if needed will be done in the next update.

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hi saw there we can only add one reward how we can add more like money items ?

bro i getting this error any idea ?

Will make options in config for what will be given as a reward.

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