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This resource, after playerโ€™s death, turns on the UI that counts down the timer set in the config file.

The player has the option of calling the ambulance via the menu by clicking on the โ€œCALL FOR HELPโ€ button.

After the configured time on the timer expires, the player becomes revived and spawns at the location set uped in the config file.

This script is nothing special, but it can serve and looks kinda cool :slight_smile:

I do not have much experience with QBCore and I am not completely sure that this resource works for QBCore. (I need help with QBCore pls)

Planned Updates (for now):

  • Custom notifications for ambulance employees.
  • More beautiful UI.

It is fully responsive, like any of our other resources that contain NUI.

Download (FREE)

Get this resource at GitHub
v1.0.0.zip (740.7 KB)


Love it! Greate job mate.

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Great job Grandson, looks dope!

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