Fivem Hygiene System – ( Hygiene, Poop, Pee ) as standing addon for [renzu_hud]

Participant Hygiene,
i created this for enjoyable a number of months in the past , been utilized in my non-public RP server,
now i’m releasing it i hope somebody would possibly discover this handy or humorous in your RP server.

  • Add Poop Standing if Starvation standing is added (standing) ex. consuming burger
  • Add Pee Standing if Thirst standing is added (standing) ex. ingesting water
  • Hygiene is Reducing over a time you may config it @config.lua
  • Unhealthy Hygiene Participant ( zero hygiene standing ) shall be swarmed by FLIES.
  • Participant close by to Unhealthy Hygiene Participant will achieve a stress standing and diminished slightly of well being.
  • Gadgets to Add Hygiene Standing ( instance: bodyspray )
  • all is configurable @ config.lua
  • this demo i’m utilizing bob_74 ipl to load the residence
{pos = vector3(-803.74468994141,335.79489135742,220.9154486084), particle = "ent_amb_car_wash_jet", xRot = -180.0, nextWait = 0, h=257.05}, -- this one is IPL from bob_74 ipl
  • Step 1
  • Obtain renzu_hygiene
  • Obtain renzu_hud
  • Obtain renzu_status
  • Obtain renzu_notify
  • Obtain renzu_popui
  • Step 2
  • Copy the config renzu_hygiene/renzu_hud_config/standing.lua to β†’ renzu_hud/conf/standing.lua
  • when establishing a coordinates for bathe and bathroom.
  • heading is necessary to bathroom and bathe
  • simply copy the present corrdinates instance: in case you are close to to bathroom and bathe heading should be trying to the bathe/bathroom.
  • adjusting authentic Z for bathe a + 0.5 will do
config.poostatus="poop" -- registered standing identify
config.peestatus="pee" -- registered standing identify
config.hygienestatus="hygiene" -- registered standing identify
config.badhygienestatus_effect="stress" -- a standing identify to be affected in case your hygiene is 0 (different participant will expertise this not the dangerous hygiened participant)
config.badhygiene_effect_value = 1000 -- worth to take away/add in standing if some dangerous hygiened participant is close by
config.badhygiene_hp_effect = 3 -- minus this worth to gamers sorrounding hp
config.thirst_to_pee = 50 -- thirst to pee convertion, pee will add for those who achieve thirst (ex. from ingesting water merchandise)
config.hunger_to_poo = 50 -- starvation to poo convertion, poo will add for those who achieve starvation (ex. from consuming burger merchandise)


/pee (for feminine and male) (have to be standing and going through to bathroom specifically for girls)

  • edit renzu_hud/conf/standing.lua
  • set all hygiene/poo/pee standing to hideifmax = true
  • the standing will solely present if its 50%
  • modify the gap for popui renzu_hygiene/shopper.lua
  • not use renzu_hud and implement the hygiene standing to your esx_status or different framework and hud.
  • when utilizing different standing like esx_status: you would possibly have to reconfigured the config @ hygiene

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