Hiya FiveM! My first launch, free after all!

:inbox_tray: Obtain: GitHub – Deltaonef/FiveM-Radialmenu: A custom command based Radialmenu system for fivem! Edit of: H0P Vehiclecontrol

:balloon: A customized command primarily based Radialmenu system for fivem! Edit of: H0P Vehiclecontrol

:jack_o_lantern: Options:

From the unique script:

• Hood/Trunk Instructions

• Door/Window Instructions

• Engine on/off Command

• Seat change Command

Added by me:

• Can be utilized on foot or in automotive!

• Added a number of customized courses with pre-made options like clothes, dpEmotes issues…!

• Notations to make customized capabilities.

• UI model modifications!

• /radialfix command incase the menu freezes! (Sadly it occurs usually, if you know the way to repair it contact me.)

:sparkles: Authentic launch: [FREE] [RELEASE] Vehicle Control Radial Menu + Commands

:camera_flash: Preview:


:performing_arts: Depency’s: GitHub – JayMontana36/mythic_notify: A simple FiveM notification resource

:blue_heart: Sure, i do know, there’s some issues wrotten in Finnish, trigger i’m from Finland.

:page_with_curl: Docs how one can make a command for a operate:

:computer: Simply add that to a consumer.lua

RegisterCommand("commandname", operate() --The title of the command
    print("Works") --Print to confirm if the command works.
    TriggerEvent('script_name:functionName') --The occasion that will probably be triggered 

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