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This 2016 Ford Explorer Police Utility has been outfitted to be primarily used for canine providers functions (K9). Gear included on this mannequin features a partial canine/prisoner cage, K9 warmth monitoring gear and a lot extra.

Lighting System: NON-ELS

Livery Standing: Included, 1 variant is offered

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A full listing of product documentation might be discovered right here: 2016 Ford Explorer – K9 – SBD | Documentation

  • Toggleable Lightbar.

  • Toggleable Visor Bar.

  • Toggleable Sprint Lights.

  • Toggleable Grill Lights.

  • Toggleable Deck Lighting.

  • Toggleable Ram Bar and Siren Speaker.

  • Toggleable ALPR and antenna gear.

  • Toggleable and Spot Gentle.

  • Decked out police gear (Inside Gear)

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