Fastest Script to Create Lock on Doors

you don’t need to suffer anymore for creating lock on doors in a hard way such as finding the door hash, coordinates, heading, putting them on config.lua and other stuffs, you just do a few easy steps and it takes only 20 seconds or even less !

Dynamic System

this script saves the doors on database and not on config.lua, thats why everything is dynamic and easy to setup, in other words you don’t have to restart the script over and over again

by this script you will make any type of door as fastest as possible

Resmon And Strategy

maximum 0.04ms when you are close to the door no matter how many doors you have (tested even on 100 doors and still same usage) because this script uses native functions to open/close the doors unlike the other scripts that use freeze method and reaching to 0.30ms (and sometimes even more) and that’s a big no no for high fps servers

Door Types

  1. normal doors (can be lockpicked)

  2. digital doors that have a pin code (can be hacked)

  3. electric doors such as gates (can be hacked)

Door Functions

  1. normal locking system (pressing [E] to open/close)

  2. pin code doors (needs password to open/close)

Breaking The Doors

doors can be lockpicked or be hacked (depends on the door type)

  1. normal doors can be lockpicked (by lockpick)

  2. gates and pin code doors can be hacked (by keycard)

  3. non breakable doors that cannot be opened by hacking or lockpick

User Friendly UI For Creating Lock

  • set the authorized jobs for the door
  • door type (if it is gate or not)
  • pin code (making digital lock system for the door that requires code to get open)
  • you can choose the door is unlockable or not (if not nobody can lockpick or hack it)
  • set the door locked already or let it be open
  • size of the icon and text on the door
  • distance for opening and closing the door


Creating Single Doors

Creating Double Doors

Creating Digital Doors

Creating Gates

Lock Picking


Deleting The Doors

Alarm System

if someone tries to hack a digital door or a gate then an alarm will triggers to security jobs like police or sheriff (configurable in config.lua)


  • fastest way to create lock on doors
  • fully open code
  • provides you different type of doors
  • easy to setup for any type of door under 20 seconds !
  • easy to delete the lock on the door you have set in 5 seconds !
  • you have a lot options for lock system that you are making for the door
  • doors can be break by lockpick and hacking (depends on the door type)
  • alarm triggers when you start to hack
  • you can set pin code for special doors
  • you can set the door becomes unbreakable (cannot be hacked or lockpicked)
  • you set lockpick timer and chance of success
  • you can set the alarm for hacking the doors and the job that is gets the alarm
  • greate performance 0.04ms (even with 1000 doors !)
  • doors will store in database instead of config.lua that requires restarting the script
  • every setup and delete can be done in real time and dynamically without restarting the script
  • includes tutorial videos

requirements :

  • esx or qb core
  • InteractSound
  • mhacking
  • progressBars

Config File

Config = {}

local seconds = 1000

Config.AlarmHacking         = true         -- when someone starts to hack a door it will trigger alarm to security
Config.ChanceOfAlarm        = 80           
Config.SecurityJob          = {'police', 'sheriff'}   -- the jobs name that gets alarm when someone starts to hack a door
Config.LockPickTimer        = 10 * seconds -- lockpick timer (default 10 seconds)
Config.LockpickChance       = 70           -- lockpick chance to open a door
Config.LockpickCanGetBroken = true         -- if lockpicking failed then break the item and remove it from player inventory
Config.KeycardCanBeBreak    = false        -- if it's true then hacker before uses his keycard it goes into a chance and if hacker loses the chance his keycard will break
Config.KeycardChance        = 90           -- chance of hack to be done successfully if the card did not break
Config.HackAndLockpickKey   = 74           -- H by default
Config.CancelLockpickKey    = 73           -- X by default

--[[ commands

	cleardoors, -- for reseting the savemycoords, aimdoor, savedoor1, savedoor2 that already have value, so after using cleardoors commands all these parameters will be empty


Tebex Link

ESX Version
QB Version

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Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 1000
Requirements QB or ESX
Support Yes

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