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This project was created with the intention of enlivening the FiveM Javascript community. Most people use other frameworks like ESX or QB-Framework but most of them are written in LUA language, so because of that, I was interested in making something completely different from the community.

Before You Start,

This framework is not created for people who do not understand programming languages. This framework was created for programmers who at least master the basics of the following:

  1. Know how to operating/using command line as well as running commands inside it.

  2. Know how to use Typescript / Javascript and how it works.

  3. Know how to use script builder/compiler such as Webpack, and how it works.

  4. Know how to use package manager such as NPM, YARN, and how it works.

  5. Know how to self-starting and self-learning the framework.

  6. Know to not ask the Developer(s) for support if the instructions were clearly stated in the Documentation.

  7. Know how the framework code works


As you have read above, you will have to do some general programming and requirements above to fully understand what this script has to offer. This script also does not contain like 100% fully featured function from FiveM, as this framework is aims to provide the bare minimum necessary to help you developing your server.

I also hope this script makes developers more creative in terms of developing their servers. Instead of just installing other plugins and running it, i hope you can also develop the script to create something unique on each server.

This framework is still far from perfect, so if you you could help me developing this framework, that would be more good.


1 | Plugin System (Single Resources Module)

What does this means? It means that this framework have it own plugins system, so instead using a lot of resources on your server, with the plugin system on this framework, you could just use a multi plugins on a single resources.

2 | MYSQL Database Wrapper

If you tired of using a boring old SQL query such as something like

INSERT INTO table_name(column_1,column_2,column_3) VALUES (value_1,value_2,value_3); 

Well you could try using our built in wrapper so you can insert data to database like


    data: {

        column_1: value_1,

        column_2: value_2,

        column_3: value_3



3 | IntelliSense Ready

If you are using Visual Studio Code as your IDE/Code Editor, then it’d be a great news for you! Since this framework is built using Typescript, so everytime you type something, there would show some content assist, learn more about VSCode IntelliSense on Here.

4 | Multi NUI Wrapper

Wanted to use multi NUI system? NOT A PROBLEM! This framework also contain it own built in NUI system so you don’t need to create like 100+ resources for 100 NUI, instead, using 1 resources, this framework, would be enough to handle all of that.

5++ | And Many Other Features In the Future!

Expect more from us in the future! We would give you something different and something more great above your expectation.

Interested with this framework?

Buckle up! Let’s go to Natuna Framework Github to learn extra about this framework and methods to setup it in your server.

Documentation Web page: Natuna Framework – v1.2.2

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