I personally always hated loading screens that plays video (I don’t know why maybe I’m too old), so when I used to run a server I decided to make a cool, classical and attractive loading screen that stuns the player while he joins to the server with a cool music instead of playing childish noob videos !

also as a server owner we want to show our server info like jobs, specific feature and advertising the server with a light and cool UI, so I shared my work with you because I no longer run my server


as you can see there is an effect around the logo and joiners can press [space] to mute and unmute the music also pressing the arrows on keyboard will increase and decrease the volume


  • very light and attractive
  • easy to config
  • player does not get annoyed by the loading
  • you can out you server info like jobs, features, and other info
  • you can put any music you want
  • mute/unmute with [space]
  • changing the volume with keyboard arrows
  • supports all monitor sizes
  • you can edit the fonts and do every change you want to do
  • includes a tutorial file

Download (9.3 MB)

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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 200
Requirements Standalone
Support Yes

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