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[RELEASE][FREE][QB-Core]Thedoc-CleanVehicles – Releases – Cfx.re Community


FEATURES Synced Between Players Usable command so that vehicle doesnt delete Fully Configurable Resmon 0 Easy Configurable for other frameworks /nondel so that vehicle doesnt delete whenever there is vehicle cleanup if preview is down:preview Download: GitHub - thedocscripts/Thedoc_CleanVehicles: VehicleCleaning System Bryn May 21, 2022, 2:58pm #4 I presume you could use the same resources for like a parking script so do /park - vehicle stays where it is even after restart or is it not that type of script Looking for paid scripts? Click here

[RELEASE][FREE][QB-Core]Thedoc-CleanVehicles – Releases – Cfx.re Community2022-05-21T16:20:15+00:00

[MAP] [FREE] Parking Vending Machines – Releases


Hi Guys Today I release my Park Vending Machines Map You can use it for example for a garage script or something like that. I placed it on good Spots for a Garage Script and placed not to much Also I placed a light above the Vending Machines so you have light at night Just place the folder in your resource directory and start it Use it, love it XD Screenshots Map Coords X/Y/ZAirport: -956.28, -2700.1, 13.83Beach: -1170.04, -1760.91, 3.96Industrial Place: 782.04, -1836.68, 29.29Mainplace: 217.46, -811.41, 30.67Luxory Tower: -816.59, 367.23, 87.97East Highway Restplace: 2588.07, 432.05, 108.61Observatory: -417.83, 1233.39, 325.76Resident: [...]

[MAP] [FREE] Parking Vending Machines – Releases2022-05-21T15:19:11+00:00

[MAP] [FREE] Shooting Range – Releases


Hi Guys Today I release another Map. I create a little Shooting Range in Sandy Shores one year ago and now I wanna release it for you guys I create two Shooting Positions. First one is only on a Metal Target but the other one is a Human Target Place the folder in your resource directory and start it. Then you good to go I hope you have fun with it Screenshots Map PreviewStreamable Preview ist online Coords X/Y/ZSandy Shores: 2944.44, 4656.16, 48.54 Download:Shooting Range.zip (4.0 KB) If you have any issues answer under this topic Greets from Germany [...]

[MAP] [FREE] Shooting Range – Releases2022-05-21T14:18:23+00:00

[Release] Medium hair with 2 braids for MP Female – Releases


Dollie May 21, 2022, 12:05pm #1 More info:Hairstyle is ported from TS4 CC, it has high med and low LOD so hair won’t change model or color from the distance. Hairstyle have custom weight so when character will move their head, hair will move smoothly. It also have 3 texture variants so colours will mix like ombre, waves etc. [How-To] Streaming new hairstyles for characters: Step by Step for dummies (Override method) Dollie Mods - MP Female Freebies #38 - Medium Hair with 2 braids.7z (2.3 MB) More pictures: Looking for paid scripts? Click here

[Release] Medium hair with 2 braids for MP Female – Releases2022-05-21T12:07:07+00:00

Menu Towing Script Control – Releases


RxjC May 20, 2022, 10:28pm #1 Hello my friends, I have created a specialized list to install cars faster as an alternative to writing orders, and some may feel annoyed by writing the orders constantly, but this list will help you a lot. I wish you happy fun for allWait a minute. I would like to extend my thanks and respect to my brother @Supreme_Cat Supreme_Cat for his great effort in creating towing [FREE][STANDALONE] Towing script] ([FREE][STANDALONE] Towing script) towing_control.rar (7.3 KB) 1 Like Looking for paid scripts? Click here

Menu Towing Script Control – Releases2022-05-21T00:33:50+00:00

[FREE] [STANDALONE] TOP 10 Leaderboard – Releases


**Fuego Top 10 leaderboard **Features Fuego top 10 leaderboard gives you the ability to rank players however you wantthrough an NUI that displays them! You can use this script to rank multiple things with only one resource becauseeach time you setup the display you can choose what you want to rankand how! For Developers Basically once you have a shortened array with each player’s name and ranking pointsyou insert them into a new one and then trigger the event passing the array through theevent parameteres! Configurables Through Config File Configurables through event parameteres Credits NUI style is inspired by [...]

[FREE] [STANDALONE] TOP 10 Leaderboard – Releases2022-05-20T23:28:15+00:00

[RELEASE][ESX][FREE] Anchor / Seatbelt Message when entering a Boat/Car – Releases


lord0o May 20, 2022, 1:11am #1 Hello guys, This is my first idea of a script, it’s very simple, it just triggers an action, in this case a pNotify notification, you can use your own notify script if you want, you need to edit the client.lua where “exports:” is. Optional: pNotify (default), you can use your own notification script to handle the triggers, if you dont know what to do, let me know Download:vehmsg.rar (916 Bytes) Special thanks to @thibaultD and @MadsL for the help on this post (i will upload a preview in a few moments) enjoy [...]

[RELEASE][ESX][FREE] Anchor / Seatbelt Message when entering a Boat/Car – Releases2022-05-20T01:50:05+00:00

rHUD – Releases – Cfx.re Community


/rhud Toggle rHUD’s visibility /rhud config Show rHUD’s configuration panel /heal [player ID] Heal yourself or another player (permissions configurable) /postal [code] Manage/create postal route /aop Set AOP status /priority/pr Start a priority call /priority cooldown/priority cd/pr cooldown/pr cd Initiate priority cooldown /priority onhold/priority hold/pr onhold/pr hold Set priority on hold /priority reset/priority r/pr reset/pr r Reset the priority timer Looking for paid scripts? Click here

rHUD – Releases – Cfx.re Community2022-05-19T21:41:05+00:00

Realistic Coffee Job – Releases


Summary coffee job is basically a coffee shop system that is a whitelisted job (has a boss and employees) and provides different types of coffee to citizens Purpose you can make a purpose for this job, it means you can add effects for drinking coffee for example you have a stress or happiness system like the hunger and thirst and you want to add products and ways on your city that provides effect on mental health for the citizens, so why not just adding a coffee shop ? Video please pay attention that the advanced boss menu you see [...]

Realistic Coffee Job – Releases2022-05-19T14:34:08+00:00

[FREE-RELEASE] Dre’s 2018 Audi Rs4 Avant – Releases


ElDre May 19, 2022, 7:54am #1 Dre’s 2018 Audi Rs4 Avant Store https://dres-builds.tebex.io/ Car Direct Link https://dres-builds.tebex.io/package/5109623 Features I agree to not resell or leak or redistribute any of my models for whatever reason. You CANNOT UNLOCK any models or be in any type of leaking discords Store https://dres-builds.tebex.io/ Car Direct Link https://dres-builds.tebex.io/package/5109623 1 Like Looking for paid scripts? Click here

[FREE-RELEASE] Dre’s 2018 Audi Rs4 Avant – Releases2022-05-19T08:20:27+00:00
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