Very simple to vary the brand with OpenIV.
If u have DpEmotes you are able to do /e beg within the chat and also you try this.
Useful resource Obtain: Here

Learn how to change the brand:

  1. Put the .ytd file on OpenIV and activate Edit Mode

2.Open it and go to prop_card_sign_03

  1. Do proper click on and export it

  2. Make certain that is in PNG

  3. Edit this in your favorite edit app and put your fivem emblem server or what you need

  4. Obtain and return to OpenIV and change the prop_card_sign_03 with the brand new photograph, ensure is in 256px to 256px.

7.Now delete the unique file in you obtain and transfer your new .ytd file to the supply.

Sorry I’m not English :slight_smile:

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