Hey guys, :wave:

I’m again once more, with a brand new gameplay script, known as Blood Bowl!

The Idea:

Basically this, but multiplayer: GTA: San Andreas – Stadium Mission – Blood Bowl (HD) – YouTube
Gamers can collect within the enviornment begin, in from of Maze Financial institution, and as soon as 3 minimal are prepared, they’ll begin a brand new enviornment.

16 gamers collect within the Blood Ring, driving Enviornment Wars Issies, have to assemble a complete of 100 factors earlier than their time runs out.

Every participant begins with 30 factors. Each second, every participant loses 1 level. First to succeed in 100 factors wins.
There may be one checkpoint current on the map at any time. Getting a checkpoint provides you 30 factors.



  • 3 players minimum, 16 max.
  • Server-side spawned peds and vehicles (entity lockdown compatible)
  • AI copilots that shoots at the other players cars.


  • /newarena – ACE permission needed – restarts the arena. If there are any players in the arena at that time, they will be teleported in front of Maze Bank.
  • /skipintro – skips the intro scene that explains the game. You still need to wait for others to finish it.


Below, you can server-side events that get triggered when the arena is started / finished, and code snippets on how to handle them.

AddEventHandler('BloodBowl.Hook.ArenaFinished', function(_table1, _table2)
    --table1 = players who still had points when the arena ended, including the winner.
    for i,k in pairs(_table1) do
        print('name: '..k.stat.." | score: "..k.score.." | src: "..k.id.." | cpUsed: "..k.checkpointsUsed.." | rpUsed: "..k.repairsUsed)
    --table2 = spectating players. They ran out of points before the arena ended.
    for i,k in pairs(_table2) do
        print('name: '..k.name.." | src: "..k.id.." | cpUsed: "..k.checkpointsUsed.." | rpUsed: "..k.repairsUsed)
AddEventHandler('BloodBowl.Hook.ArenaStarted', function(_table1)
    --table1 = pall players who entered the arena.
    for i,k in pairs(_table1) do
        print('name: '..k.name.." | src: "..k.id)

Things scraped :frowning:

  • AI drivers:
    • The code for bots is still there, but they don’t seem to like driving in the arena. I think that I haven’t loaded some pathfinding stuff, idk.
  • Multiple arenas:
    • Currently, only one arena can be played at one time. Maybe I will change that…sometime…
  • Different modes:
    • …Kinda got tired of this script, mostly because I couldn’t get enough people to properly test it.


Get it!

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