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FiveM Game Microservice Architecture [Docker] [Docker Compose] [K8s] – Server Tutorials


This is a FiveM game microservice architecture I’m working on. I made it open source to help others discover container deployment best practices as these pipelines are built. Built for production with txAdmin dashboard configuration. Features Fixes security vulnerabilities in linux artifact. Orchestration with database service. Local git clone cd fivem-service docker build -t purpleworld/game . docker-compose up -d # Follow the output of the game service (FiveM console output) docker-compose logs -f game Complete txAdmin’s initial startup via the dashboard http://localhost:40120 K8s Kubernetes manifests are available in the repository, but need refactoring. Tutorial coming soon. GitHub GitHub [...]

FiveM Game Microservice Architecture [Docker] [Docker Compose] [K8s] – Server Tutorials2022-06-19T21:50:40+00:00

Qb-hud change currency [QBCORE] – Server Tutorials


If you have been wondering how to change the currency value to your own country’s currency, this tutorial shows you how. Head over to the HTML folder and find the index.html file. Find the following snippet of code: <div id="money-container"> <div id="money-cash"> <transition name="slide-fade"> <p v-if="showCash"><span id="sign">$&nbsp;</span><span id="money">{{(cash)}}</span></p> </transition> </div> <div id="money-bank"> <transition name="slide-fade"> <p v-if="showBank"><span id="sign">$&nbsp;</span><span id="bank">{{(bank)}}</span></p> </transition> </div> <div id="money-change" v-if="showUpdate"> <p v-if="plus" id="money"><span id="plus">+&nbsp;</span><span id="money">{{(amount)}}</span></p> <p v-else-if="minus" id="minus"><span id="minus">-&nbsp;</span><span id="money">{{(amount)}}</span></p> </div> </div> Here you see where it shows $&nbsp the $ is the currency displayed before the value and the &nbsp; is a non-breaking space is [...]

Qb-hud change currency [QBCORE] – Server Tutorials2022-06-03T12:15:19+00:00

Qb-hud commas in money [QBCore] – Server Tutorials


A friend asked how to add commas to the cash hud so it’s easier to read how much cash you have. So I wrote some code that does the trick. In the QB-hud client.lua at the bottom add the following code from function format_int(number) local i, j, minus, int, fraction = tostring(number):find('([-]?)(%d+)([.]?%d*)') -- reverse the int-string and append a comma to all blocks of 3 digits int = int:reverse():gsub("(%d%d%d)", "%1,") -- reverse the int-string back remove an optional comma and put the -- optional minus and fractional part back return minus .. int:reverse():gsub("^,", "") .. fraction end Now [...]

Qb-hud commas in money [QBCore] – Server Tutorials2022-05-29T15:05:04+00:00

Simplify Starting Resources – Server Tutorials


Hi! Here is a guide on how to simplify starting resources in server.cfg! Not everyone enjoys typing over and over ensure Resource_Name, So here is a simple way to lay it out When putting resources like cars, maps, scripts etc in your Resources, Instead of doing it 1 by 1 create a folder like this instead [cars] Then put all your Cars within the [cars] folder. (Same with scripts, maps etc) Finally add to your server.cfg Ensure [cars] This will make the server start ALL Resources within the folder [cars] and it makes your server.cfg look much cleaner! Complex [...]

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Server Folder Template – Server Tutorials


Server Folder Template Yeah, not really an replace, however… Right this moment I need to share you guys my Server Folder Template. It’s only a folder how I setup my information, for instance “knowledge” folder has all my Framework scripts and giggles, however the “server” folder has the FiveM Artifacts contents. Now you guys suppose, that’s nothing… No I do know I'm simply displaying how I've ordered issues up, with how I feel it is smart a bit. Server Starter & Server Updater The factor is… It additionally has an Server Starter.bat script and an Server Updater.bat script. The [...]

Server Folder Template – Server Tutorials2022-05-02T03:28:18+00:00

FIX – Server not showing up in List – Server Tutorials


Dankyz April 28, 2020, 5:58pm #1 Hello, So these days i've seen individuals having bother with having their server not exhibiting up within the Server Listing.Listed below are some fixes that labored for me or for different individuals. Port ahead ports 30110 and 30120 TCP/UDP or ports you might be utilizing to your server in your firewall or router Typically ESX tells you within the Server CMD that mapmanager and spawnmanager, Don't take away these out of your server.cfg and server depart them as they need to be Don't uncomment #sv_master1 “” in your server.cfg. If its not in [...]

FIX – Server not showing up in List – Server Tutorials2022-04-02T15:34:42+00:00

Limit your FPS quickly and easily [NVIDIA – AMD] – Server Tutorials


Open the Nvidia Management Panel Go to “Handle 3D Settings” Choose “Program Settings” Click on “Add” Within the window that opens, click on “Browse” and navigate to the next folder: %localappdatapercentFiveMFiveM.appdatacachesubprocess (In the event you’ve put in FiveM to a distinct totally different folder, substitute %localappdata% together with your set up path.) Choose FiveM_b2545_GTAProcess.exe and click on Open (Select the model you need). Within the Program Settings tab, you’ll see an inventory of settings. Discover the “Max Body Fee” possibility, click on the setting, swap it to “On”, and enter your required FPS. Click on OK Click on “Apply” [...]

Limit your FPS quickly and easily [NVIDIA – AMD] – Server Tutorials2022-03-08T20:11:02+00:00

[FX] Simple Server Starter [Batch File] – Server Tutorials


I’m undecided if this has already been performed however right here it's in any caseBe aware this isn't a FXServer script, this may solely START your server, there aren't any instructions inside this Introduction Howdy, so with FXServer, you have to run it in cmd, so I made this little batch file which is able to begin your server, it’s simply easy batch however thought it could assist individuals out. The right way to use The one factor you have to change with that is the listing of the file, that’s about it. Since my FXServer folder is situated [...]

[FX] Simple Server Starter [Batch File] – Server Tutorials2022-02-22T05:33:53+00:00

How to use the profiler command to detect “Hitch Warnings” (Delay in FiveM Server) – Server Tutorials


Hello!, Right here a Quick tutorial of the right way to use the profiler command within the F8 FiveM console to detect Hitch Warning alerts in you FiveM Server! You may see which scripts are supplying you with the “Hitch Warnings” within the FiveM F8 Console, it's a must to do the next: Kind within the F8 Console: profiler report 500 (500 = frames you need report, if you wish to report extra frames solely sort the frames you wish to report) Let FiveM report the frames (You may watch the standing solely typing: profiler standing) [Screenshot] Lastly, when [...]

How to use the profiler command to detect “Hitch Warnings” (Delay in FiveM Server) – Server Tutorials2022-02-19T21:06:29+00:00

Streaming custom EUP – Server Tutorials


Heyyyy, I’ve acquired plans to begin up a server however I figured I’d begin on the clothes side of issues. I’m at the moment doing it the best way of this mp_m_freemode01 > parts > [for example jbib] > 0 Now I’ve acquired Police EUP that has a couple of texture for the ranks nevertheless I don’t actually know if I ought to create a brand new folder and rename the feel to a distinct quantity or so as to add the a number of textures within the “0” folder, do I want quantity them as in 1, 2, [...]

Streaming custom EUP – Server Tutorials2022-01-20T21:48:36+00:00
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