Hiya, everybody,
In the present day I’ll present you the way to create a serverRTC for the GCPHONE.
I warn upfront sorry if my English just isn’t excellent :’(

Home windows : Because of @Kullweet for home windows

First step :


or in relation to your working system

right here https://github.com/pion/turn/releases/tag/1.0.3

Second step :

Open the “powershell” as administrator.
As soon as the “powershell” is opened, kind in every of the instructions with the knowledge you wish to put:
cd C:Customers<Location Of That .exe>
$env:USERS = “consumer=password USERNAMEHERE=PASSWORDHERE”
$env:UDP_PORT = 3478

as soon as that is performed you simply should do:
cd location of the.exe file” that you simply beforehand downloaded
then typed:
.simple-turn-windows-amd64.exe” or “.simple-turn-windows-386.exe” relying on the one you downloaded.

Usually you’ll not get a message however you’ll now not have the ability to write on the “powershell”, if so it’s as a result of your ServerRTC is working.


Stage 1

apt-get set up coturn

Stage 2

I counsel you to launch the next command in a “display screen” devoted to coturn

display screen -S flip

Stage 3

turnserver –listening-port 12779 –listening-ip SERVERIP –user USERHERE:PASSWORDHERE –real WriteWhatYouWant.com –verbose

And within the gcphone config it will provide you with

“useWebRTCVocal”: true,
“RTCConfig”: {
“iceServers”: [{
“urls”: [“turn:SERVERIP:12779”],
“username”: “USER”,
“credential”: “PASSWORD”

you possibly can check your flip server right here : https://test.webrtc.org/

Click on on the three bars on the high and enter your server data.


And enter the knowledge right here

Now press the “START” button

If it provides you this it’s as a result of your server is working.


You may even see messages like this in your ServerRTC console:


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