How to create: FiveM server

To create a GTA5 roleplay server on FiveM, you need a little technical know-how. For the basics you can use a ready-made framework, here we use “Essentialmode Extended” – or ESX for short. It is the best-known framework on FiveM, and our server, NoPixel, is also based on it.


ESX Server – prefabricated server download ( new version 2021!)

We offer you a basic version of a server that you can use. Basic functions that are required for a GTA5 RP server on FiveM are already available:

The server pack already includes:

  • Police / LSPD job
  • EMS / Medic job
  • Mechanic job
  • Essential fashion
  • Esx extended
  • 28 jobs (police, medics, mechanic, taxi, real estate agent, etc …)
  • Phone (phone script)
  • Bank robbery script
  • Business robbery script
  • RP chat
  • Addon account
  • it plugin mysql
  • MySQL database included
  • Style menu
  • Company script
  • finished vehicle shop
  • Los Santos Customs Scripts
  • Tune vehicles
  • Police reports (drug deals, vehicle theft, gunfire, robbery)
  • Trunk script
  • Banking System Script
  • Licenses (car, motorcycle etc)
  • DMV / driver’s license setting script
  • Gun shop
  • Money laundering script
  • Drug Scripts (including sales)
  • Cayo Perico 😎✨

Premium mods

  • Gun Control
  • Admin panel controller

So you hardly have to worry about the basics at all, this will save you a few hours of work, as we have already integrated some things here.

Buy the server pack here

This server pack makes it a lot easier to get started. Choose a package you like!


Installation of the FiveM server

  1. Create a new directory (e.g. D:\FXServer\server), this will be used for the server.
  2. Download the latest version from the FiveM:  artifacts server .
  3. Extract the data on your server.
  4. Download and unzip cfx-server-data  in a folder, e.g. in   D:\FXServer\server-data.
  5. Create a  server.cfg  file in your folder: server-data (here an example:  example server.cfg ).
  6. Generate a new FiveM server key: .
  7. Set the server license in the server.cfg:  sv_licenseKey "hierDieLizenz".
  8. Turn on the server from the server-data folder.

If you use the pack from above, you do not have to forcibly follow all steps. It is important that the server has a correct key. If you want the server to be accessible from the outside, activate the ports, otherwise friends cannot join.

Once you’ve set up the server, you can get down to business: Install ESX (everything is done with the pack). To do this, you set up a database and run the .sql. Then you start ESX and have a base for your server.

You can download and maintain various jobs in the FiveM forum . Much is done, but often also bugged or not necessarily usable. Therefore it is worthwhile to deal with it technically!

You can find the admin commands here.

Don’t you have a host for your FiveM server yet? Use Zaphosting for FiveM (20% voucher)!

Create your GTA5 RP server today. We wish you a lot of fun with the GTA roleplay!