That is my first launch on the discussion board!

I’ve not bothered contacting the orignal creator of the script as there is no such thing as a License for the code!

That is merely a fork I made that makes the flare periodic in addition to not final as lengthy, alongside that it additionally permits for cooking within the metropolis!

We felt that the fixed pink smoke for over 10 minutes was WAY too lengthy and made it unfair for criminals vs cops!

Flares final for a number of seconds earlier than disappearing and respawning after a number of extra proportion of the prepare dinner!

Heres the Github hyperlink: GitHub – nofacetv/Kuzkay_Meth_Public_Fork: Fork of the original Kuzkay Meth script, Changed Flare to be periodic and not be as thick or last as long! Gives an equal chance for both cops and criminals! This version also allows cooking in the city!

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