Syme Robinson’s Server-Sided Sirens
That is an very simple datafile I modified to permit gamers to make use of server-sided sirens.

Instruments Used for Creation
Open-IV ( Software > Hex Hash Generator ) – You want hashes of the names of .wav information when enhancing to .rel file ( police_wail not policewail.wav )

RageAudioTool – Used to extract .rel information to .xml information ( when going from .xml to .rel you should definitely manually kind the file extension in )

Notepad ++ – Used to change the .oac information – – Used to make the .oac file

Set up Directions

  1. Drag ‘svsirens-master’ to your assets listing
  2. Substitute the information in ‘svsirens/dlc_svsirens/oac/custom_sirens’ with the sirens you need added
    The siren names should match what’s already within the custom_sirens folder, you can not drag my_siren.wav into the folder, the sport is not going to acknowledge it. The sirens should be precisely as they’re named already, akin to ‘ambu_horn.wav’ or ‘police_wail.wav’
    Moreover, you should not take away any of the sirens which are un-used, hold them within the folder.
  3. Use OpenIV, activate edit mode, import the .oac file into the identical listing because the custom_sirens.awc file
  4. Configure luxart lighting to your liking!

Luxart Config Assist
Search for

PlaySoundFromEntity(snd_lxsiren[veh], "VANILLA_SIREN", veh, 0, 0, 0)

This must be changed TO

PlaySoundFromEntity(snd_lxsiren[veh], "POLICE_WAIL", veh, "DLC_SVSIRENS_SOUNDSET", 0, 0)

Change POLICE_WAIL for no matter siren you want, repeat this course of as many occasions as wanted till your entire automobiles have the proper siren you need.

Watch this video for a better tutorial on department-specific sirens

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