I developed this final evening in Python whereas try to optimize texture dictionaries. I feel most of us know as server builders that most of the car builders making high-quality autos, no offense to them, use textures which are far too huge with far too little optimization. This device will take a look at a dump of DDS information compress those with out alpha channels after which downscale them by 50%.


Extra Setup:

  • Make certain Python and Compressonator are in your path variable, you need to use Google to learn how


  1. Use OpenIV to export all textures from a selected .ytd into the originals folder as DDS information
  2. Run python alpha.py
  3. When it completes, return to OpenIV (make certain edit mode is on) and click on import and choose all the pieces within the out folder (some imports could fail, that is effective)
  4. Click on save and revenue off the diminished sizes
  5. Run cleanup.bat and begin over


  • If a texture doesn’t look ok to you you may substitute it with the unique within the originals folder
  • I can’t present help in use or setup the device, I’ll assist troubleshoot errors although
  • The final step of the method is extremely concurrent (multi-threaded) each picture is being processed nearly concurrently and will lag your PC barely whereas operating

In the end I would love to have the ability to feed this system uncooked YTD information and have it do the entire course of, nevertheless no device that can be utilized from the command line at the moment exists. I personally would not have the skillset to create one, however I hope by placing this on the market somebody will help. I additionally wish to enhance the output readibility and efficiency.

DDSRemap.zip (1.3 KB)

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