a ovr author script for FiveM.
Document yvr file for


so you may make some stuff like
IntialD(Showcase Video)
IntialD(Showcase Video2)
by utilizing command

document begin routename routeid
document play routename routeid isAiDriving(Comply with the recorded route with NPC ai driving as an alternative.)
document cease

You’ll be able to bind the command to a key with Using the new console key bindings

Vital notes:

StartPlaybackRecordedVehicleUsingAi  -- npc driving may fail when it driving on the mountain,however after that NPC will computerized strive utilizing AI to drive to the recorded place from the yvr recorded.
StartPlaybackRecordedVehicle -- pressure the automobile full-following from the recorded playback 

Others natives relative:

SetVehicleActiveDuringPlayback(automobile, true);
if IsPlaybackGoingOnForVehicle(automobile) then
	StopPlaybackRecordedVehicle(automobile); -- simply finish
	SkipToEndAndStopPlaybackRecordedVehicle(automobile); -- teleport to the document finish place

Step instance and tutorial:

document begin h 1
document cease

Discover h.ovr from the trail [yourscript]/yvr_recorder/pre-stream/
Switch h.ovr to h.yvr with OPENIV or different instruments.

Put h.yvr into [yourscript]/yvr_recorder/stream floder in your script.

with NPC ai driving :

record play h 1 1

Playback with your PlayerPedId

record play h 1

Move yvr files to your script and copy some playback lines from my client.lua .

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