Continuing the discussion from [UTILS] vImageCreator – Vehicle Image Creator:

This is a rewrite version vImageCreator of renzu
Which is save as base64 thumbnails.json.
Only Support generate under 1024×768 resolution.(otherwise you will get the error message: Reliable network event size overflow)
It is for developer/local only because images from ‘thumbnails.json’ will begin rebuild when you start/restart this script.

Github: GitHub – negbook/vImageCreator: Vehicle Image Creator – FIVEM base64 rewrite

To Use

  1. Set your vehiclelist in generatelist.lua
  2. Start/Restart the script(before it , make sure turn your resolution to under 1024×768)
  3. Open thumbnails.json in your texteditor / Copy to your other scripts directly.

To Load in Client

In example resource: ‘someResource’
Put these in fxmanifest.lua

files {
local cars = json.decode(LoadResourceFile('someResource', 'somewhere/thumbnails.json') or '[]') or {}
for name, base64 in pairs(cars) do 

Some results preview:

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