A easy and extendable React (TypeScript) boilerplate designed across the Lua ScRT

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That is one other developer focused launch, this time round React (TypeScript) and the Lua runtime.
It’s bootstrapped utilizing create-react-app however modified to greatest go well with the event workflow of the
NUI/CEF surroundings.

Boilerplate Focuses

This boilerplate has some specific focuses.

  • Minimizing dependencies (aside from those provided by create-react-app)
  • Creating an efficient workflow for both browser based and in-game development
  • Widely applicable and without much opinionated structure.

This means that this boilerplate is barebones. There are no included libraries such as Redux, Router, Material-UI, etc. We left these library choices up to the user

Why Create React App?

Many boilerplates of the past have bootstrapped with CRA but didn’t utilize it for things like building and serving. Instead, using standalone Webpack configs and Webpack DevServer setups. In the case of this boilerplate, by offloading as much as possible to CRA, this should hopefully help to improve maintainability by relying on a single well maintained package rather than one reliant on the user.

In cases where the default create-react-app was not suited to the boilerplate, we used craco to override aspects of react-scripts where applicable.

You can still eject react-scripts if that still fits your use case. But you must edit its configuration to match the craco overrides.

Further Info

This forum post does not contain all the information regarding this boilerplate. If you wish to learn more about its features and focuses please visit the linked GitHub repository.


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