:pushpin: About this Script

Here comes my first release on the forums, all should work as is! This brings servers a nice and simplistic ui for their players where they can change firstname & lastname. More features / options can be added if they are wanted!

Includes discord logs (toggleable in config.lua)


:ledger: Requirements

  • ESX (version shouldn’t matter)
  • Do not change the name of the resource if you do not know how to edit the rest of the files

:clipboard: Installation

  1. Drag and Drop doughNamechanger into your resources folder
  2. Add ensure doughNamechanger to your server.cfg

:file_folder: Important Files


Easily add more locations and change cost

Config.Cost = 5000
Config.EnableLogs = true

Config.EnableBlip = true
Config.BlipSprite = 480
Config.BlipColour = 17
Config.BlipScale = 0.65
Config.BlipLabel="Passport Agency"

Config.Locations = {
    vector3(297.9539, -592.4486, 43.2841)

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