GitHub : GitHub – WolsG/esx-smallresources: Several interesting resources united in one.

  • Obtain the script and put it within the [ESX] listing.
  • Add the next code to your server.cfg/resouces.cfg
guarantee es_extended
guarantee esx-smallresources
  • Consumeable meals/drinks/drinks/medicine (sandwich, water_bottle, tosti, beer, vodka and so on.)
  • Elimination of GTA’s default weapons drops
  • Drug results
  • Elimination of GTA’s default car spawns (planes, helicopters, emergency autos and so on.)
  • Elimination of GTA’s default emergency service npcs
  • Elimination of GTA’s default wished system
  • Useable binoculars
  • Weapon draw animations (regular/holster)
  • Capacity so as to add teleport markers (from a spot to a different place)
  • Pointing animation with finger (by urgent “B”)
  • Seatbelt and cruise management
  • Useable armor
  • Weapon recoil (particular to every weapon)
  • Deal with
  • Calm AI (adjusting npc/gang npc aggresiveness)
  • Race Harness
  • /id to see the id
  • Adjusting npc/car/parked car spawn charges
  • Elimination of GTA’s default huds (weapon wheel, money and so on.)
  • Mechanically engine on after getting into car
  • Discord wealthy presence
  • Crouch and inclined

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