– Wheel Width is not going to work with default rims!

begin pNotify
begin InteractSound
begin ntrp_speedlocker

Should set up these in sources put in and have ESX.
Different sources are available in zip folder.

Locks Pace with an assigned key/ Press once more to unlock pace New Wheel Width and Trip Top Menu

Config.MenuTitle = ‘NTRP Suspension v1.0’
Config.SpeedKey = 68 – LB or Proper Mouse Click on | Controls – Cfx.re Docs
Config.RideKey = 76 – Double Faucet RB or Spacebar shortly possibly 3 times
Config.noWeapons = true – All the time preserve true if Config.SpeedKey is default
Config.fuelWarning = true – gasoline stage warning
Config.fuelPercent = 20 – what stage to warn you about gasoline
Config.fuelTimer = 25000 – Warning loop
Config.Chime = true – Should have InteractSound put in to make use of
Config.Quantity = 0.3 – Quantity for Chime
Config.PNotifyTheme = “gta” – You must have pNotify

pNotify : You’ll be able to create extra themes inside html/themes.css, use the gta theme as a template.

Themes : gta mint loosen up metroui

/cam [on or Off] – Activate/off cin cam, additionally Locks cin cam in the event you use /cam whereas in cincam mode

Video Preview : NTRP Speedlocker Version 2.0 ESX – YouTube

Obtain on GutHub : ValiantCraven27/ntrp_speedlockerv2: New ESX updated version (github.com)

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