Short Explanation:
This script is intended to add functionality to illegal civs and to the police.
A group of gangsters will spawn in a location looking for some item, so the player can try to deal with the gangsters. For the Police players they should take out the gangsters to prevent normal players to deal with them.

Showcase Video


  • You can set multiple different groups;
  • Amount of npc’s, npc’s model, weapon holding, armor, if they can take headshot…;
  • Advanced level system with EXP;
  • Minimum police online required, so the gangsters can spawn;
  • Chances at dealing with gangsters;
  • Configurable Rewards according to your LEVEL;
  • No limitation at levels;
  • Smart NPC’s;
  • Multiple options to customize the gangsters;
  • Properly synced with everyone;
  • You can set different amount of exp/rewards per group of gnagsters(so you can set harder gangstersthan others);
  • Dynamically programmed so you can deep customize it;
  • Plug & Play;
  • Fully configurable and UserFriendly;
  • Nice and clean to interact;
  • Highly optimized (0.00ms when idle);
  • Protection against “Triggers Executors (cheaters)” to receive rewards;

Config Preview:

Framework Required: ESX or QBCore (might convert to other framework on request)

Dependencies : Recommended progressbar or any other progressbar script, you can edit at config

Get this resource at: Tebex

Code accessible No, but have customization files (FiveM Escrow System)
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) 800
Requirements ESX
Support Yes

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