Greatest fivem climate sync code, interval. It wont work with out my ESX fork, except you modify it your self to incorporate ESX imports the previous method.


  • Shadows don’t move like they’re broken, and the sun also moves in a fluid way. My script uses a native that overrides how fast a minute shall past instead of overriding the current time which is causing the above
  • Supports hot-restart of script without losing anything
  • As it uses convars and reads them on script start you can override the weather and time as you like (see below)
  • Weather sync is better. In many scripts if you drive too fast then the weather might change around, it shouldn’t happen with this code
  • Clean and short source code, and performance is great

How to have a fixed weather / time (useful for christmas season)

Add it to your server start configuration file before this script is started. The example shown below is what I use on my dev server.

setr time_hour 12
setr time_minute 0
setr time_frozen "true"

setr weather_currentweather "EXTRASUNNY"
setr weather_dynamic "false"

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