Showcase video:
(The video options an instance use situation the place a job’s motion menu has been locked behind a passcode.)

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NO OBFUSCATION OR IP-LOCK, The script is solely accessible


  • Set any occasion in any script of yours to be triggered with a passcode ingame

  • The script works through esx_menu_dialog, due to this fact enabling simple customization

Utilization: TriggerEvent('hujo_passcode:openWithCode', rightCode, eventToTrigger, eventType), the place ‘rightCode’ is the code the person must enter ingame, ‘eventToTrigger’ is the occasion you wish to be triggered when the person enters the appropriate code, and ‘eventType’ determines whether or not the triggered occasion is client-sided ('c') or server-sided ('s')

Instance: TriggerEvent('hujo_passcode:openWithCode', '1515', 'esx_policejob:openArmory', 'c')

A reminder that the next script is a device for builders so as to add worth to their present scripts, not a script with options included within the script itself!

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