This script will permit gamers to start out a mission, the place they’ll steal a bag from a luxurious garments retailer. After they steal the bag, they’ll run away to flee from police chase. In the event that they handle to flee, they’ll have the ability to give the bag to an NPC that can give them a random quantity of luxurious garments (server admin will determine vary of this random quantity), primarily based on rarity of every one. They may even have the ability to promote luxurious garments to a different NPC, that can pay them a random sum of money that server admin will outline in a spread.


Discord Logs instance:



  • You can add more robbable locations
  • If a robbable location is busy, it won’t be available to other players until the bag gets stolen
  • An NPC will attack player when the bag gets stolen, and will run away if the player pulls out a weapon
  • Police will be notified if the bag gets stolen, and the GPS will update the thief location each x seconds you define (default will be 2 seconds to allow the thief to escape)
  • Progress bar to let thief know when the GPS gets disabled
  • Minimum police required to start the mission can be set from the config
  • You can add as many clothes as you want into the stolen bag
  • Each luxury cloth has different chances to be found, so you can define rare luxury clothes at a higher price
  • You can define a minimum and a maximum number of clothes that can be found in a single bag
  • Selling luxury clothes will give black money, but it can be changed in config
  • Discord logs to track players actions
    • When a player starts theft mission
    • When a player cancels the theft mission
    • When a player picks up the bag
    • When a player delivers bag to obtain luxury clothes
    • When a player sells luxury clothes and which clothes get sold
    • When a player leaves the server while escaping from the police

Additional informations


  • 0.00-0.01ms when idle
  • 0.1ms when really close to an NPC with notification
  • 0.01 ms when the mission is started
  • 0.02-0.03ms when close to bag to steal


The script is open source, you can edit anything you want, I only ask you to avoid leaking the script or sharing it

If you are interested, you can find the script here

Set up:

  1. Obtain the script
  2. Extract the script to your sources
  3. Add ‘objects.sql’ to your database
  4. Add ‘guarantee esx_luxury_clothes_theft’ to your server.cfg
  5. Configure the script as you would like
  6. Completed

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