That is my up to date script of mb_licensemanager which is way extra superior, higher ui, and configurable. This script is supposed to switch esx_license, it mustn’t want any adjustments from any script with esx_license as a dependency. This script makes use of escrow system, shopper/capabilities.lua and server/capabilities.lua file just isn’t encrypted. These are most typical capabilities to edit.


  • Manager
    • Can be added to as many job as you want
    • Each job can be configured to manage specific licenses
    • Check the history of created license that is managed by the job
    • Revoke licenses
    • Mugshots for license creation
    • Prices is configurable for each license, can also be free ($0)
    • Creation, management, and history menu can be disabled individually
  • License Shop
    • For licenses that does not need to be managed you can add a shop
    • Clean carousel for selection of license
    • It is logged into the database
    • UI to look for the history of unmanaged licenses (WIP)
  • License Cards (configurable)
    • You can use your own card or mine, configurable through config
    • License template is provided in a PSD format
    • Create as many licenses you want (In config.lua)
    • Clean animation & UI
    • Configurable Card ID length for each license type
  • Discord Webhook to log creation and revoke of licenses (WIP)
  • Easy exports (WIP)




License Shop

Config.lua Preview

Server Events

  • 'LicenseManager:createLicense', function(target, license, price, mugshot)
  • 'LicenseManager:revokeLicense', function(cardid)

Backward compability with esx_license. More exports coming soon.

  • 'esx_license:getLicense', function(source, cb, type) (callback)
  • 'esx_license:getLicenses', function(source, cb, target) (callback)
  • 'esx_license:checkLicense', function(source, cb, target, type) (callback)
  • 'esx_license:getLicensesList', function(source, cb) (callback)


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