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  • es_extended 1.1, 1.2 or Legacy


NKN – Labs gives criminals the chance to manufacture medicine. The labs are a sort of warehouse + crafting. As well as, additionally to shed a whole lot of blood.

Labs could be purchased, captured or taken over by the state via a raid.

  • SQL storage for lab proprietor & stash
  • Storage for objects
  • Labs could be raided by different factions ( labs could be captured).
  • Smokes could be damaged (escape)
  • Crafting => medicine could be processed (instance: cocaine leaf to cocaine)
  • Processing time – could be set individually
  • Notifications (all the pieces essential is notified from assault, protection, escape, raid, drug processing)
  • Cops can raid (making the lab unowned)
  • Cooldown for robberies
  • Just one participant can use the UI (no simultaneous use)
  • Dupe / Exploit Secure
  • 0.00ms (if lab is utilized by participant max 0.02ms), good consumer efficiency!
  • ESX Prefixes (ESX, esx, getSharedObject)
  • Locales (language) could be set
  • UI customizable
  • Brand could be modified
  • Lab buy worth
  • Most variety of labs you possibly can personal
  • Jobs that needs to be blocked (e.g. Cops)
  • Most variety of enemies for lab theft
  • Lab theft timer
  • Animations could be personalized
  • CantRob Config – Jobs that may’t rob (e.g. ambulance, unemployed)
  • Cooldown time for robbing customizable
  • Notify could be (de)activated for course of/crafting
  • Blips could be personalized

Every lab could be personalized

  • add/take away labs
  • Coords for Enter, Exit, Stash, Rob, Dimension (Routing Bucket) & craftable Objects
  • Minimal objects to course of could be personalized
  • Course of period could be adjusted


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NKN Labs



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