This script has a pair fundamental necessities for many servers.
Script is optimized 0.01ms when close to a participant and max 0.04ms when you find yourself carrying somebody.

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All instructions are configurable!

  • /escort
  • A command that doesn’t drive an animation meant for gamers which are down or cuffed.
Escort Picture


  • /piggyback
  • Command that permits you to put one other participant in your again!
PIggyback Picture


  • /cradle
  • Command that permits you to maintain one other participant like a child
Cradle Picture


  • /carry
  • Command that permits you to carry one other participant over your shoulder
Carry Picture



  • es_extended ( 1.1, 1.2, or Legacy )
  • mythic_notify ( Non-obligatory )
  • qtarget ( Non-obligatory )
Qtarget Instance

Script utilization does go up when going by an inside door, However animations are persistent and can work even after you run by a door!

  • Transition between instructions are easy!

  • Prevention to hold a number of individuals.

  • Prevention to hold individuals whereas in autos.

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Config Instance
Config = {}

Config.EscortCommand = "escort" -- No animation escort meant for if a participant is useless or cuffed.
Config.PiggyBackCommand = "piggyback"  -- Stick with it again
Config.ShoulderCommand = "carry"-- Carry over shoulder
Config.CradleCommand = "cradle" -- Maintain them like a child

Config.StowCommand = "stow" -- Put in automobile command
Config.PullCommand = "pull" -- Pull out of auto command

Config.qtarget = true -- allow qtarget assist

-- Solely Applies if qtarget is enabled
Config.qtarget_PlayerDistance = 2 -- distance you should utilize interactions with gamers
Config.qtarget_VehicleDistance = 3

Config.qtargetShoulder = {
      icon = 'fas fa-people-arrows', -- Font Superior Icon
      label="Carry" -- qtargetLabel

Config.qtargetPiggyBack = {
  icon = 'fas fa-piggy-bank', -- Font Superior Icon 

Config.qtargetCradle = {
  icon = 'fas fa-hands',

Config.qtargetEscort = {
  icon = 'fas fa-hands',

Config.qtargetStow = {
  icon = 'fas fa-user-friends',

Config.qtargetPull = {
  icon = 'fas fa-user-friends',

---------END QTARGET CONFIG---------

Config.Notification = "fundamental" -- Default is mythic, fundamental, and  customized use Customized Perform Under to ship message.

perform CustomNotify(msg, sort)-- Solely change if you understand what are you doing!


That is my first launch! Take pleasure in!

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