+200 References on servers in Turkey

I’ve been opening and shutting non-whitelist servers for about 2 years, and we’ve created a system like a citadel consistent with my share of all of the conditions I’ve seen and skilled, The servers I present service simply exceed +200 and above on the non-whitelist degree, and we’ve been offering uninterrupted service for about 8 months, Such as you, I attempted totally different anticheat programs on the time, make sure, 100% end result just isn’t potential, However what we offer now will offer you 99.9% safety, we’ve restricted the cheat by way of place.

  • Whitelisted/Blacklisted ( Objects, automobiles, peds )
  • Anti FXServer crashers
  • Anti all kills
  • Anti exploits ( jail, group system and extra )
  • mysql-async, ghmattimysql, json Assist.
  • Dynamic triggers
  • Anti taze gamers.
  • Remoted car spawns.
  • Ai file safety (.meta edit).
  • Spectate safety.
  • Anti all automobiles fly.
  • Anti make all participant dance
  • Anti rate-limitter
  • Injection safety (Quickly to be blocked in remoted injections)
  • Resmon:0.06 – 0.14MS
  • Admin bypass listing
  • Anti-Stopper
  • Object, Automobile, Ped Spawn Occasion is Repair (it has each whitelist and blacklist and restrict system)
  • Job giving with Set off, object spawning repair.
  • Fireplace Price Safety (Menu + Ai)
  • Our Shopper Aspect Options/Protections:
  • Menu injection safety +50 Premium Menu Detect, +150 Trash Menu Detect.
  • Valued Set off (If the incoming worth is the worth we set because the blacklist, the person will likely be :shield: banned. -1 prevents most cheats.)
  • Particle shield
  • Stock gun management safety (Single Weapon Hack)
  • Set off requests go base64 encrypted, and are tough to tell apart.
  • Anti Economic system
  • Anti Explosion

:shield:I don’t know the way moral it might be to present cheat names, however there are lots of lively executor fixes.

FYAC Prepared Instructions:

/fyacban id You possibly can ban the individual from in-game or cmd.
/fyacinvoice – utterly empty the billing knowledge and delete the billing knowledge.
/fyacunban – In the event you write the numbers after steam: as an alternative of hex, you may unban the individual from the sport.
/fyacbanrefresh – if you happen to kind this command from inside the sport, the bans you eliminated after unban will likely be eliminated, briefly, the banlist will likely be up to date.
/fyacallped – deletes all pads round, together with npc!
/fyacallobject – deletes all extracted objects round!
/fyacallvehicle – deletes all automobiles round!

Anticheat will get updates nearly every day

They will’t crash your server over SQL!
Blacklisted Objects being added to stock
Blacklisted Merchandise Quantity
Pretend Payments Despatched To Gamers
Pretend Pickups
Police Handcuff Everybody
Police Drag Everybody
Police Put Everybody In Automobile
Police Pull Everybody Out Of Automobile

Blacklisted Objects being added to stock (solely works for occasion)
Police Jailing Everybody
Police Cuffing Everybody
Police Escort Everybody
Police Set Everybody In Automobile
Police Set Everybody Out Of Automobile

DPEMOTES – Issues like making everybody dance are mounted.

If you wish to confirm the authenticity of the options:
Anti İnjection: FiveM FYAC Lua Menu Injection detection v7.4 – YouTube
Anti Occasion Blocker and Stopper: FYAC Anti-Cheat bypass trials – YouTube

Forcing Everybody Into Jail
eyescustomers | FYAC Anti-Cheat (tebex.io)

Config View

Set off settings most sum of money to be added and -1 i.e. blocking of ship to everybody occasions

I believe we’re one of the best for our worth, we will talk about this difficulty with anybody who desires to. :wink:

Code accessible [NO & CFX-RE LICENSE]
Subscription primarily based [NO]
Traces (roughly) [2100]
Necessities [ESX / QB]
Assist [YES]

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