Tuna Farm is a farming script developed for FiveM, providing a variety of options and content that will allow you to work as a Farmer while doing small tasks in the fields. The script supports ESX Framework, including ESX Legacy and also QBCore. It easily works as / with your Farm Job.

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  • Script Configurable – Include several options to set it at your own style.

  • Optimized Script running at 0.00ms idle and 0.01ms when performing a task.

  • BT-Target support (optional).

  • Dedicated Farm Shop to expand your business – Buy new fields and animals.

  • Wheat Farm – Harvest the wheat from the field and sell it.

  • Plantation Farm – Plant your plants, make them grow and collect.

  • Animal Farm – Get Cows or Chickens and receive their goods.

  • Fruit Tree Farm – Get a Fruit Box and start collecting the fruits from trees.


  • ESX or QBCore
  • PolyZone
  • oxmysql
  • mythic-notify (optional)
  • BT-Target (optional)

Game Build 2545 or higher
Server Build 5181 or higher


Find out our documentantion for this script here. There you’ll get extra details about the included options and the way it works.


This script is using FiveM escrow system. For extra info please go to the documentation above.

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