:pushpin: About this Script

Here comes my first release on the forums, all should work as is! This brings servers a nice and simplistic ui for their players where they can change firstname & lastname. More features / options can be added if they are wanted!

Includes discord logs (toggleable in config.lua)

Download: Releases · dough-land/doughNamechanger · GitHub

:ledger: Requirements

  • ESX (mysql-async) or QBCore (oxmysql)
  • Do not change the name of the resource if you do not know how to edit the rest of the files

:clipboard: Installation

  1. Drag and Drop doughNamechanger into your resources folder
  2. Add ensure doughNamechanger to your server.cfg

Change from QBCore to ESX

  1. Script is by default set to use QBCore, if you wish to change it to use ESX edit shared/config.lua and set Config.ESX = true
  2. Go into fxmanifest.lua and comment out the @qb-core/import.lua and uncomment the 3 files in server_scripts {}

:file_folder: Important Files


Easily add more locations and change cost

Config = {}

Config.ESX = false

Config.Cost = 500
Config.EnableLogs = true

Config.EnableBlip = true
Config.BlipSprite = 480
Config.BlipColour = 17
Config.BlipScale = 0.65
Config.BlipLabel="Passport Agency"

Config.Locations = {
    vector3(299.6404, -579.6099, 43.2608)


shared_scripts {
    '@qb-core/import.lua', -- ENABLE / DISABLE IF YOU USE QB-CORE

server_scripts {
	-- '@async/async.lua',
	-- '@mysql-async/lib/MySQL.lua',
    -- '@es_extended/locale.lua',

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