Working as a miner, have you ever all the time dreamed of digging uncooked supplies with heavy tools? This job is ideal on your server. Customized pickaxe and rock breaking sounds. There are a number of kinds of pickaxes at work, you resolve whether or not you need to improve it to get advantages resembling:
One other extraction website
Different assets which will seem

There may be additionally an expertise system because of which you get bonuses while you attain a stage:
Quicker digging
Elevated useful resource drop

Preview video



  • Optimized script
  • Open code
  • No IP-Lock
  • Document of expertise within the database
  • Simple chance so as to add extra ranges
  • Simple chance so as to add extra pickaxe
  • Synchronized to the work of many individuals


  • Means to allow / disable job necessities
  • Risk to alter the wage for a given ore
  • Risk to alter all areas
  • Risk to alter the costs of pickaxes upgrades, including new ones
  • Risk so as to add extra ranges and bonuses which might be assigned to them
  • Means to find out which assets fall in a given space
  • Risk to alter garments

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