Hello CFX Community! :wave:

I hereby present my advanced and unique T1GER Dealerships resource for your server, that allow you to have a full-packaged and all-in-one vehicle shop system, with player operated multi-dealerships, menu-based dealerships, employee & account management, financing, test-drives, registration paper, display vehicles & interaction with displays, last but not least; possibility to purchase job vehicles, aircrafts, boats or other custom types of vehicles.


T1GER Dealerships – YouTube



  • ESX Legacy and below (NOTE: Does NOT support EXM/ExtendedMode or ESX v2.0+)
  • ESX Society [OPTIONAL] (Required for boss menu/employee management)
  • ESX Addon Accounts [OPTIONAL] (Required for accounting for dealership jobs)


  • The resource is fully unlocked and not obfuscated.
  • It’s almost fully configurable and it’s done through the config.lua file.
  • Translation is done through the language.lua file.
  • Export function for generating number/license plates.
  • Photoshop file included to customize the registration paper.


Tebex [T1GER Dealerships]

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