Hello CFX Community! :wave:

I hereby present my well-known advanced T1GER Garage resource for your server, that allow you to have a full-packaged and complete garage system, with public garages, private player-owned garages, impounds, job garages, extra/livery markers. Best part is that it supports ‘car’, ‘aircraft’, ‘boat’ or whatever type you may have. Damages (windows, doors and tires) are saved. The features are “countless” and resource is very well optimized.


T1GER Garage – YouTube




  • The resource is fully unlocked and not obfuscated.
  • It’s almost fully configurable and it’s done through the config.lua file.
  • Translation is done through the language.lua file.
  • Export functions for decors which can be used and set across other resources.


Tebex [T1GER Garage]

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