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I hereby present my well-known advanced T1GER Keys resource for your server, that allow you to lock/unlock vehicles, give keys of stolen/owned vehicles to friends, steal NPC vehicles, access a car menu hotwire vehicles, maybe search the glovebox and find some loot? The features are “countless” and resource is very well optimized.


T1GER Keys – YouTube


  • Car Menu:

    • Key management menu, see an entire list of your current keys (see #Keys below).
    • Control vehicle doors, resources fetches each door the vehicle has.
    • Control vehicle windows, if they are intact.
    • Control vehicle windows, if they are intact.
    • Toggle vehicle neon-lights or the engine.
  • Lock/Unlock:

    • Prop emote, GTA sounds, effects and lights upon locking/unlocking.
    • Unlock job vehicles, if the spawned vehicle has your job perms assigned.
    • Use keybind or command to lock/unlock.
    • Set % chance of moving NPC and parked NPC vehicles of being unlocked.
    • Unlock other player owned vehicles or stolen vehicles, if you got a key for it.
  • Keys:

    • Key Management menu can be opened from the Car Menu, it contains as said a list of your current keys.
    • Give your keys to other players, as long as its not a copy-key (a key you have received from other player),
    • Remove a key from a target player, which is a key you have borrowed him.
    • Delete unused keys from your key management menu, as long as its not an owned vehicle key.
    • Script allows you to add keys for job vehicles and define whether it should be locked to player only or the whole job. These keys will also appear in the key management list.
    • Stolen NPC vehicle keys or keys you receive from other players are also listed in the management list.
    • All keys are saved and restored, in case player reconnects or crashes. Although it resets ever server restart to only showed owned vehicle keys as default.
    • In README there are export functions, so u can add keys to a vehicle and its detailed very much with examples.
  • Alarms:

    • Players can equip alarms to their vehicles from the alarms shop.
    • Price is calculated on % of vehicle price,
    • If player lockpicks a vehicle equipped with an alarm and owner is online, he will be notified through the alarm central and ping a blip on the map.
  • Lockpicking

    • Player can lockpick locked vehicles by using a lockpick item or command (configurable).
    • Set chance to succeed the lockpick and set separate success chance for vehicles equipped with alarms.
    • Set if the lockpicked vehicles should require hotwire
    • Set if players should be able to search vehicles.
    • Lockpicking automatically reports to online police.
  • NPC Car Steal

    • Players can aim at NPC vehicles with drivers and steal their vehicle.
    • Set chance to receive keys, otherwise set whether player should hotwire or not.
    • If player moves aim from the NPC, the NPC runs away with the keys.
    • There are plenty of configurable options which u can adjust, such as report player, handsuptime, allow search etc.
  • Hotwire:

    • If vehicle requires hotwiring, player cannot turn on the engine until vehicles has been hotwired by command.
    • Set whether lockpicking should require hotwiring afterwards or not.
    • Set whether stolen NPC vehicles, where NPC ran away without giving keys, should require hotwiring.
    • Set chance of hotwire to succeed.
  • Search:

    • Players can search glovebox and receive items and/or cash.
    • For lockpicking and stolen NPC vehicles, you can set config option to either allow or disallow players from being able to search.
    • Search command only works if they are allowed.
    • Add items with chances to roll, min and max amounts.
    • Same principal goes for money, here u can set between dirty or normal cash.


  • ESX 1.2 and below (NOTE: Does NOT support EXM/ExtendedMode or ESX v2.0+)
  • ProgressBars [optional] (see README to disable / use your own)


  • The resource is fully unlocked and not obfuscated.
  • It’s almost fully configurable and it’s done through the config.lua file.
  • Translation is done through the language.lua file.
  • Export functions for decors which can be used and set across other resources.


Tebex [T1GER Keys]

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