Base scripts for ESX-Framework :building_construction:




  • Removal of GTA’s default weapons drops
  • Removal of GTA’s default vehicle spawns (planes, helicopters, emergency vehicles etc.)
  • Removal of GTA’s default emergency service npcs
  • Removal of GTA’s default wanted system
  • Useable binoculars
  • Weapon draw animations (normal/holster)
  • Ability to add teleport markers (from a place to another place)
  • Taking hostage
  • Pointing animation with finger (by pressing “B”)
  • Weapon recoil (specific to each weapon)
  • Tackle
  • Calm AI (adjusting npc/gang npc aggresiveness)
  • Adjusting npc/vehicle/parked vehicle spawn rates
  • Infinite ammo for fire extinguisher and petrol can
  • Removal of GTA’s default huds (weapon wheel, cash etc.)
  • Fireworks
  • Automatically engine on after entering vehicle
  • Discord rich presence
  • Crouch and prone



  • Download the script and put it in the [esx] directory.
  • Add the following code to your server.cfg/resouces.cfg
ensure esx-smallresources


Each feature has a different file name correlative with its function. You can configure each one by its own.

QB Version


good script bro

bro i need to ask if you can also make this one work with esx i attempted but it surely doesn’t work

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