Appropriate OneSync (Legacy, Infinity), ESX 1.X (all launch variations ought to work, if not open a ticket), QB-Core

Out there languages: English, French

Dependencies: menuv, mysql-async

No IP-Lock/Obfsucation !

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What does the script convey ?

It’s an impound system. Gamers must go to the impound lot if their automobiles are mobilized by the police or tow vans.

What are the options ?

  • Impound automobiles (job whitelist by way of Config), it saves car properties

  • Listing at the moment impounded automobiles of all gamers (solely seen for some professions, white record by way of Config)

  • Search for impounded automobiles of a particular particular person (solely seen for some jobs, whitelist by way of Config)

  • Listing your automobiles on the impound

  • Return to the impound when a participant disconnects and leaves his car

I need to customise the script, what is out there to me ?

  • You may modify the formatting cash operate

  • You may modify the notification operate to adapt to your scripts

  • You may modify the take away car operate

  • You may modify the best way to get/set car knowledge

How is the configuration file offered?

Config = {
    debugMode = false, -- true = print messages for builders | false = does not print something
    useJob2 = false, -- true = you employ a job2 | false = you do not 
    defaultPoundPrice = 285, -- The sum of money the participant must pay if he disconnect with the car outdoors of a storage or one thing like that
    impoundSocietyName = "society_police", -- The society identify to offer cash for when the impound writer is disconnected
    triggers = {
        depositSocietyMoney = "esx_addonaccount:getSharedAccount", -- Set off esx_addonaccount to share society account
        playerLoaded = "esx:playerLoaded" -- Set off es_extended to share participant knowledge
    allowedJobsToResearchVehicle = { -- Jobs allowed to analysis impounded automobiles
        ["police"] = true,
        ["mechanic"] = true,
    allowedJobsListImpoundVehicles = { -- Jobs allowed to record impound automobiles
        ["police"] = true,
    allowedJobsImpoundVehicles = { -- Jobs allowed to impound automobiles
        ["mechanic"] = true,
        ["police"] = true,
    npcs = { -- NPCs record, create as many as you need
            place = vector3(408.9, -1622.88, 29.29), -- NPC place X, Y, Z
            heading = 225.0, -- Heading of the NPC
            mannequin = "csb_trafficwarden", -- NPC mannequin
            useDistance = 2, -- Distance between the participant and the NPC so as to work together with it
            radiusVehicleImpoundDetection = 10.0, -- detection radius across the participant for impounded automobiles 
            blipColor = 45, -- Colour of the blip
            blipSprite = 380, -- Sprite of the blip
            blipText = "Impound", -- Identify of the blip

            spawnVehicle = {place = vector3(401.94, -1631.61, 29.29), heading = 230.0} -- Spawn car place X, Y, Z and heading path

Any solutions or questions ?

Please write them down under within the feedback part.

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