Good day in the present day I deliver you a brand new script, by which you should buy all kinds of absolutely interactive tobacco packages, the script accommodates the textures of the tobacco machines, I put them to avoid wasting you on a regular basis of searching for it, I hope you prefer it and don’t forget to love the put up

PD : You’ll be able to add stress or thirst when the merchandise is used…

TriggerClientEvent('esx_status:add', supply, 'thirst', 200000)
ESX.RegisterUsableItem('fortuna_ciggar', operate(supply)
    native xPlayer = ESX.GetPlayerFromId(supply)
    xPlayer.removeInventoryItem('fortuna_ciggar', 1)
    TriggerClientEvent('estanco:animacion', supply)
    TriggerClientEvent('esx_status:add', supply, 'thirst', 200000)


Dependencies : ESX


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