Welcome to the ESX Version of Tsunami Warning!

Download: Release v1.0 – ESX Version Released · PrivateGiles/esx-tsunami · GitHub

The script itself was originally written for the QBcore platform however this is a full conversion from QBcore to ESX (I have written permission from Strez to release this as we worked together to create an ESX version of his original script)

Approval to release this script!

This script will allow cities to alert players of an incoming tsunami via their smartphone in-city, this allows players not to break character and head for safety before a tsunami occurs.

This script relies heavily on txadmin restart notifications & cd_easytime which is included as part of this package (we changed the tsunami from the HALLOWEEN affect to Thunder to make this more realistic)

cd_easytimeGitHub – dsheedes/cd_easytime: A clean and simple time and weather script for FiveM
Compatible Smartphone for sending emails

Core Features

  • 15 Minute Warning – Email & Weather Change (Thunder/Rain)
  • 5 Minute Warning – Email Notification
  • 1 Minute Warning – Email Notification

If this script for whatever reason does not work, I recommend that you join Strez discord where we will be able to help you diagnose the issue.

Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 100+
Requirements Compatible Smartphone & vSyncR
Support Yes – Via AS Scripts Discord

Can you upload the actual code itself to GitHub instead of uploading it as a GitHub release?

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