A barbershop script I made in June 2021, I had the thought manner earlier than, not going to set it up or present you find out how to, as it’s completely as much as you what you do with it, however I’m solely releasing it as a result of folks like to repeat code and promote issues cough cough: “grenade launcher” (the initials will inform you who). So far as I’m conscious of, I additionally made certain that this script was non-existent earlier than I made it, and initially nobody had carried out it, so I assume I used to be the primary who is aware of although however from my understanding nobody did it.
Screenshot_2 (date of after I made the script is on the manifest file, not brag rights simply saying that somebody actually sat down to look at your entire stream of me coding it alongside time in the past which makes me completely satisfied that he was impressed :stuck_out_tongue: which if I cared I wouldn’t launch it however that particular person clearly remade it in order that’s cool too, plus if I didn’t need folks taking the code I wouldn’t stream it however who cares, I simply forgot to launch this alongside time in the past.)

tl;dr: participant to participant barber script launch

Simply saying I used to be simply returning to lua after I made this so do what you need the code if you happen to don’t like the way in which it was made lolzies.
Set it up your self, don’t ask me for any assist, it’s primary in any case.

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