Utterly progressive WineGrowing Job

The system contains many options, in the meantime it begins with two most important programs, the one with the built-in voice system and the basic system by way of notifications

It begins from the pick-up level of the automobile, with every thing configurable with the config.lua, then there are about 20 Grape Harvest Factors that embrace a synced server animation with the prop of the scissors within the ped’s hand and the sound fully synced between customers.

After harvesting the grapes you’ll go to the trade factors (All fully configurable by way of the Config) the place you possibly can trade the harvested grapes with grape juices, bottles of wine, and enormous reserve bottles.

By going to the vineyard Interport you possibly can promote the varied bottles with a value and a amount that may be modified within the config.lua

You’ll be able to simply exchange and translate the mp3 information for the voice, as there’s solely an Italian translation

Objects to be included within the db:

grapes, grapes2, wine, wine2

About 100 traces of Config code!

Config.lua Vinery Job

ShowCase with Voice System
ShowCase without Voice System
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