This script was made for personal functions first however I finished my server and dont want this script anymore. Perhaps you should use it :smiley:


  • Runs on ESX 1.2, 1.1 & legacy
  • PSD Included
  • ID Card & Firearms & Driver License
  • Unique design
  • Included trigger event to use it in your own resource

To get a license, driver license or weapon license from a player use the following event:

Client to Server
TriggerServerEvent(‘oakyIdentity:server:getIdentity’, target, type)
target – Server ID of the target
type – Available: ident, weapon, license
You can either use this event to show your license to someone or to show it to yourself.

Its not a drag & drop resource! You must include the event above into your scripts!

2021-12-05 03_11_32-Window

2021-12-05 03_11_48-Window

2021-12-05 03_12_05-Window

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