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What is FiveM?

FiveM is a multiplayer-client modification for GTA V which allows to run dedicated functional servers to re-create the complete GTA Online. Thousands of players use it to create a “roleplay server”, which allows players to play different roles. This allows you to play as police officer or a gang member. FiveM is developed by cfx.

  1. Find the mod you want to install (for example: esx_char)
  2. Add the folder of the mod to your FiveM server folder called “resources”. (for example: server/resources/esx_char
  3. go to your server.cfg and add: start esx_char

It is not that easy to write own FiveM resources, but it is possible.

Good to know: FiveM uses LUA code for both client and server. For UI, it is good to use HTML, JS and CSS.

See the tutorial on how to write own mods here.

You can host your FiveM server on Zaphosting or OvH.

Click here to go to Zaphosting.

FiveM mods for download

Buy Premium FiveM Mods

Because FiveM mods allow you to modify and adjust the code of your own server, you can download mods for FiveM to enhance the experience of roleplay. We offer a bunch of FiveM mods here, so choose whatever you like – they are FREE!

Note: This list is updated daily 24/7!

2201, 2022

[QB-Core] Synced Inventory Props – Releases

Hey all i've created a really versitile, very customizable stock props script! £14.49 → Options: At present just for QB-Core Totally synced accross the server Makes use of qb stock and saves the inventories within the database The objects use meta knowledge so you possibly can have as many as the identical objects with totally different distinctive inventories as you need No glitchyness with props Optimized 0.00ms when idle - 0.04ms while holding prop solely [...]

2201, 2022

[Free] Tec-9 – Releases

Tec 9 Excessive High quality Textures & Mannequin Animated Three Magazine Sizes All Attachments Line up Replaces Machine Pistol Free Tec9_FluffysMods.rar (17.0 MB) (Other Mods) [Sale until Jan 22] FiveM set upDrag and drop useful resource, then begin Tec9 Rend1920×1080 44.8 KB 11920×1080 110 KB 21920×1080 110 KB 31920×1080 99.5 KB 41920×1080 185 KB 51920×1080 81.6 KB 61920×1080 65.8 KB Looking for paid scripts? Click here

2101, 2022

[Release] [ESX] Usable Backpack Item – Releases

FiveM Script - Usable Backpack Merchandise Obtain: GitHub - Musiker15/esx_backpack: FiveM Script - Usable Backpack Item Description You can use the bag Item, then you get nobag Item and a Bag will be added to your Ped. If you use nobag Item then then the Bag will be removed from your Ped an you get the bag Item. This Script works very well with the Backpack Plugin from Chezza Inventory, but you can use this with [...]

2101, 2022

Drug Dealers | Cutscenes | Reputation System – Releases

About: ● | Distinctive Drug Dealing system with Cutscenes and Belief system. ● | Story-line eventualities to enchance your gamers expertise. ● | Two completely different Sellers, the primary one buys low-tier medication, the second buys high-tier medication. ● | Belief/Repute system to unlock sellers. Acquire belief by promoting medication. Options: ● | Detailed Configuration. ● | Many completely different cutscenes to verify it by no means will get boring! ● | Set as many medication [...]

2101, 2022

[FREE] [RELEASE] Trucker Job Simulator 2022 – Releases

Simply edit the variety of police There are additionally banned items Simply edit supply location can edit the supply car Instance Config Code Config = { MoneyDelivery = 8000, RentVehicle = vector3(814.38, -2982.9, 6.02), StopDelivery = vector3(830.89, -2948.2, 5.9), VehicleData = { [1] = {title="boxville2", linkanh="zzU2Ynv", observe="Xe tải 3 tấn", time = 30000, countbt = 3, counthc = 1}, [2] = {title="mule", linkanh="rL1ddHA", observe="Xe tải 5 tấn", time = 50000, countbt = 5, counthc = 2}, [...]

2101, 2022

Prefech Properties – Releases – Community

Disclaimer: This sources is made for sandbox servers. ( So that is ineffective in ESX servers )All Properties claimed will clear after every restart. About: Let individuals declare properties in your server. Properties shall be unclaimed after every restart able to be claimed once more. A participant can solely personal one property at a time. Gamers can solely purchase properties on the “For Sale” signal or on the Company. Instructions: /purchase: Purchase a property (You may [...]

Looking for premium FiveM mods?

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