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On you can find the best maps and scripts for your FiveM server. We recommend esx-scripts because they offer a non-question guarantee refund service and a support that is really on top.

Do not buy off because various people have reported that they have been scammed by the store. The store is not real and pretends to sell good-quality scripts and offers no support or refund guarantee, although the store says so.

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“Very friendly people in this site. I love it. Nice scripts and maps. Recommended

Server owner
“With ESX Scripts, my server began to grow and people saw the quality of it. I’m really proud of my server because I have unique scripts for it. My roleplay server is now one of the best!!!”

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Our tip: Do not use any script that everyone has. Most scripts are faulty and easily to manipulate or crash. With ESX Scripts, you will find a good solution to make sure to use good content for your roleplay server.

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You can also register as vendor to sell your digital items. Register here and fill out the form. Make sure to select “vendor” when asked. Then afterwards, you can upload your products and set the prices etc. Please note that every item has to be checked by the store staff.