About FiveRP

FiveRP is a german Grand Theft Auto V role-play server, developed by Livvux. The server is run on the third-party multiplayer server system, FiveM. It contains custom scripts created by Koil, and community developers.

The goal of RP is to talk, act, and continue as the person you are playing. This implies that any activity taken while for game is assumed sake of your personality. The aim is to make a vivid encounter where players and watchers the same can encounter stories and circumstances, in what is basically a different universe.

Rules of FiveRP

– No OOC Drama/Toxicity in any comments or pages
– Do not discuss player bans or ban reasoning at any point
– Do not remove content from a page unless it is false
– Do not edit war with others, if you have in issue with someone join our Discord
– Do not add false/irrelevant OOC info to character pages
– the full rules of FiveRP: here

How to apply?

Players who want access to NoPixel’s GTA RP servers must fill out an application form on the server’s official website.

The form requires players to provide information about their roleplaying experience. Questions like “what is your definition of roleplay?” and “when do you feel is a good time to break character?” are listed and must be answered by all applicants.

The second section of the application asks players to answer questions in character. They’ll be asked what they’ll do on their first day in the GTA V city of Los Santos, along with a series of gameplay questions such as “you’ve found what looks like a random car in the street with a load of drugs inside. What do you do and why?”

Due to the increasing popularity of NoPixel, the standard method of whitelisting is now closed. But donator whitelisting is still available. This means in addition to the regular application process, players who want to play on the server will first have to donate a sum of money.

FiveRP streamers

There are many streams on FiveRP like ueberreagiert

Twitch allows content creators to stream games. Many streamers use GTA 5 roleplay to give their audience a good entertainment. (for example on Nopixel)