Hello everyone!
My biggest issue while working on lights, was having to constantly put in random 6 digit number codes over and over until it worked.

Today I bring you my powershell script that will allow you to change Siren ID’s & ID Values in both “Carcols.Meta & Carvariations.Meta” and save it instantly!

All you have to do is select your Carcols and Carvariations Metas, and then select randomize.
It will automatically place an identical random 6 digit number code in both files and save it for you!

Step 1: Click “Open with powershell”
Step 2: Select your carvariations and carcols metas
Step 3: Select Randomize
Step 4: Restart vehicle script and check your lights :slight_smile:

SirenGenerator(2).ps1 (4.0 KB)


YOO this is life saving I have been looking for something like this forever!!! Thank you

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