Flip into an FPV pilot with this script !
You may pilot a drone utilizing the keyboard and mouse in addition to a controller !
You may configure the dynamics of the drone to regulate it to your liking !

Video out there right here : FiveM – FPV Drone – YouTube
You may take a look at our scripts at no cost right here : {{ .CleanHostname }} / Cfx.re


  • To place a drone type the command drone_place *model*
  • To control the placed drone type the command drone_control
  • To destroy the placed drone type the command drone_destroy
  • To quit the drone view press one of the following key Esc/BackSpace/Right Click


:white_check_mark: Realistic drone physics
:white_check_mark: Keyboard and mouse controls
:white_check_mark: Controller controls
:white_check_mark: Three flight models provided : an aggressive, a regular and a relaxed FPV drone
:white_check_mark: Command to spawn, control and destroy the drone
:white_check_mark: Animation when placing the drone on the floor
:white_check_mark: Animation when controlling the drone
:white_check_mark: Customizable physics parameters (mass, linear drag, angular drag, propeller force, 3D mode)
:white_check_mark: Customizable camera position (translation and rotation)
:white_check_mark: Customizable camera effects
:white_check_mark: Add as many drone as you want
:white_check_mark: Fully standalone
:white_check_mark: Compatible with any framework

Known issues

:arrow_right: Drones don’t make sound

(Uses FiveM Asset Escrow system)

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