Hey guys! I reworked the good script from @FiveDox for ESX 1.2 and optimized it. I added a calladmin Command too. I’ve obtained permissions from FiveDox to re-release it :slight_smile:

  • Admin Garments
  • God-Mode
  • Name-Admin
  • okokChatV2 help!
  1. Set up all the necessities
  2. Obtain the script
  3. Extract the zip in your assets folder
  4. Modify the config to your linking
  5. Sort /aduty to vary to admin obligation
  6. Sort /calladmin <message> to name an admin.
  7. Accomplished!

LAMA – AdminDuty v1.zip (4.0 KB)
GitHub Download


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Hey, good wanting script. Simply questioning, does it work with esx_legacy?

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Hey, I simply examined it out actual fast and sure its working with ESX Legacy too!

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